October 12, 2021
  • October 12, 2021

7 sustainable and eco-friendly school supplies to buy now

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It’s not always easy to be green, but it’s more important than ever. And, in case I forget, kids always remind me of our oversized carbon footprint. My eight year old daughter keeps Greta Thunberg quotes on her bulletin board and just a few years ago my eldest daughter’s school held a sit-in at our local Brooklyn courthouse to urge Mayor De Blasio To ban plastic straws At New York. It worked.

Needless to say, I shop differently these days and more specifically when it comes to the annual back-to-school supply list. I prefer sustainable and eco-responsible school supplies or products from companies that give back. And, while some of these must-haves can only be purchased online from bespoke sites like Etsy, there are a lot of school supplies on both children’s lists that are readily available at major retailers like Target and Amazon. If you prefer to buy local, there are many family-owned stores that carry sustainable brands as well.

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